About Us

About Us

Incolight an LED lighting company offering various lighting solutions for commercial, residential, hospitality, institutional, retail and public space projects.

Our clients range from general contractors, architects, interior designers, building owners, electricians and retail chain stores.

At Incolight, we value the needs of our clients. We offer lighting solutions that create the most vibrant ambiance and atmosphere while still fitting your budget.

Please ask us any questions about lighting and we will be happy to offer our services and products!

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Incolight Group LLC

Our Team

Name: Yoon Kim

Position: Principal

Background: Yoon began his lighting business from humble beginnings, starting out with only a couple of LED bulbs in his bag and doing door to door sales in the heart of New York City. Through genuine relationships with the architects, designers, and people at construction sites, Yoon has carved out a space for Incolight in the lighting distribution sphere. It has been 8 years since his first door to door sale but now, Incolight serves General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, architects, designers, and building owners with any style and scope of lighting projects. Yoon’s passion for “Good” lighting has blossomed as he openly welcomes new challenges and completes each project with that goal in mind.

Name: Matt Lee

Position: Vice President

Background: Matt started his lighting career in 2017. With an extensive background and tenure in HVAC engineering, Matt is thrilled to continue tackling new lighting projects and creating unique lighting solutions for all clients. If he is not seen in the office, you can be sure to find him directly at the job site, working hand in hand. If he is not seen in the office, you will find him at the job site or basketball courts. 

Name:  Andy Fernandez

Position: Project Manager

Background: Andy’s growth from an Intern, who helped  process orders and edit the company website, to an Assistant Project Manager truly showcases his versatility and ability to learn and adapt. Now, Andy is involved with every step of Incolight’s lighting projects and continues to gain key experience in sales. He hopes to deepen his knowledge about the lighting industry and provide the best sales experience.

Name:  Alexander Putra

Position: Assistant Project Manager

Background: Alex is the newest member of the Incolight family, but don’t mistake him for a fledgling. As the lighting industry evolves, this voracious learner hopes to promote the company’s growth with ventures supported by his interests in circuit design and automation. For now he is learning to seamlessly handle the complex of lighting tasks that come with project management.


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